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Safety & Recalled Items

Drawstring- Children’s Clothing


In July 2011, CPSC approved a new federal safety rule for drawstrings in children’s outerwear. The final rule designates children’s upper outerwear in sizes 2T through 12, with neck or hood drawstrings, and children’s upper outerwear in sizes 2T through 16, with certain waist or bottom drawstrings, as substantial product hazards. Drawstrings can catch or become entangled with objects, such as a car door or playground slide, posing dragging, strangulation entrapment hazards to children.


CPSC Drawstring Safety Rule


KidKonsignNW WILL NOT accept any upper outerwear clothing with drawstrings, such as jackets, coats, sweatshirts, etc.


If you remove the drawstring, we can still accept it.



Beginning June 28, 2011, all cribs manufactured and sold (including resale) must comply with new and improved federal safety standards. The new rules, which apply to full-size and non full-size cribs, prohibit the manufacture or sale of traditional drop-side rail cribs, strengthen crib slats and mattress supports, improve the quality of hardware and require more rigorous testing. The details of the rule are available on CPSC’s website. CPSC gives questions and answers on the new standards here.


KidKonsignNW will NOT accept cribs.

Car Seats


You may use these resources to check if your seat has been recalled:



  • Safety Belt Safe USA

  • Call DOT Auto Safety Hotline @ 1.888.Dash.2.Dot


KidKonsignNW will NOT accept car seats.

Safety & Recall Resources

Consumer Product & Safety Commission (CPSC) –

best source for recalls


Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

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