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Price & Tag your Items

As a Consignor, you set the price on all the items you are selling.  Remember that bargain hunters are looking for really great deals, so be reasonable in your pricing.  


Ask yourself what you would be willing to pay for it.  As a general rule, you should price items 30-40% of the original price, with most items close to 30% and only items in supreme condition near to 40%.

Pricing Tips


  • If you are unsure where to start, you can check out local consignment stores, ebay or Craigslist to see what others are selling similar items for.


  • You can also check to see what an item may sell for at full price and then reduce the price accordingly. However, please keep in mind where you are getting those prices from.  Places like Amazon sell toys, but they also have individuals selling them.  Sometimes the individuals have marked items higher than the original retail price in hopes to make a profit.  It may be more accurate to check a retail store such as Toys R’ Us or Target.


  • Another thing to consider. Many brands have outlet stores or huge sales where customers could by a brand new item for 30% off the retail price.  They may not be willing to buy a “used” item for the same price they could purchase the item “new” at the outlet.  For example:  Gymboree and Gap both have outlets and sales at their retail locations.


  • The minimum price for any item is $2.00 and must be in $.50 increments, i.e. we do not accept $1.99 prices.  If needed, group like items together to reach a value of $2.00.


  • During the 50% off Sale you have the option of selling some or all of your items at 50% off.  We recommend you choose this option for all of your items.  Customers that shop the 50% off Sale are coming for great deals.  If your item did not sell at full price during the full price sale, it is unlikely it will sell at full price during the 50% Sale.


  • If you are planning to donate your unsold items at the end of the sale, we strongly recommend you mark your items for 50% off.


We have tried to streamline our infant sizes to help with display and signage at the sale. When you are ready to choose a size in our tagging system, you will find your choices to be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc.

Please use the chart below when choosing which size to label your clothing item. You may use your own discretion to size the clothing as you see fit.



0/3 month


3 month

3-6 month


6 month

6/9 month

6/12 month


9 month

9/12 month


12 month

12/18 month

12/24 month


18 month

18/24 month


24 month



3 month
6 month
9 month
12 month
18 month
24 month



We require that you drop off your items sorted by boy/girl and size – so it’s easier to sort and tag that way from the beginning.


Entering an Item:

  • Login to your account 

    • Click on “Work with my Consigned Items (Active Inventory)”

  • Choose a Category

    • If the tag is separated from the item, we will be able to find the item easier. 

  • Choose a Size

    • Infant & Childrens clothing is sized according to size chart to the right. 

    • If the clothing is marked S, M, L , pick the equivalent number size. In the description, you can add the actual size. 

    • European clothing sizes need to be adjusted to American. Such as Hanna Anderson.

    • Maternity & Juniors use S, M & L.

  • Describe Item

    • There are two lines you can use. It is helpful to be very descriptive.  This is to your benefit.  Sometimes items get separated from the tag.  When the tag goes into great detail it is easier to find the item, but if it just says “blue t-shirt” we not be able to tell which one it is.  In that case, it probably won’t be sold. But if it said “Blue t-shirt w/ dump truck” we may have a better chance in matching them up.

  • Price Item

    • The minimum price for any item is $2 and must be in $.50 increments, i.e. we do not accept $1.99 prices.  If needed, group like items together to reach a value of $2.

  • Check box to Discount

    • By checking this box, this item will be marked 50% off at the 50% off sale.  You need to check or un-check this box for Each Item you enter.  This cannot be changed once the tag has printed as the code is embedded in the bar code.  If you change your mind and the system is still active you can edit the item and reprint the tag.

  • Check box to Donate.  

    • If you check this box you are choosing to donate this item if it doesn’t sell.

  • Submit the Item.  

    • Click this box and you have finished one item.  

  • Continue entering all your items.

    • You can enter as few or as many items as you want in one sitting.  When you finish, just click “I’m finished for now” and then come back when you want to continue.

               Clothing                          Size

                  Size                           Category

Printing Tags

  • Use Cardstock only!  Preferably 67 lb., but NOT regular paper.

    • Micheals/Joann always has coupons (usually $2.50 for 50 pages)

  • Make sure your barcodes are printing out clearly.  

    • This is key to speed in our check-out lines. A normal printer setting is best, High Quality is NOT good.  This will add too much ink to the barcode and it will not scan.

  • Check out the Prepping your Items page for information on where and how to attach tags.

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