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Prep Your Items

All items should be clean and clothing should be wrinkle free.  The extra steps you take in making your items look their best, the better they will sell.  Our customers are expecting a higher quality than garage sales, so please take the time to make your items shine.


What you bring in others buy and what you buy others bring in. Bring only what you would buy.


Recalls – Before starting, check to see if any of your items have been recalled.  It is your responsibility to make sure none of your items have been recalled.  Please check out the Safety & Recall Info page for information on some specific items and for resources to check on the status of your items.

Supplies Needed

  • Hangers

    • Child/Adult/Maternity

    • Old Navy will hand you bag loads if you ask

  • Cardstock

    • 60-67lbs,

    • Michaels usually has sales + coupons

  • Tagging Gun & Barbs or Safety Pin

    • tagging gun is HIGHLY recommened

    • Ebay has them for approx. $10 with 2000 barbs

  • Zip top baggies

    • for socks/bibs, toys, and accessories

  • Zip tie or Ribbon

    • to pair shoes together

  • Package tape

    • to attach tags to bags, books


All items must be clean and in excellent condition!​


All clothing must be clean and without stains, tears or missing buttons.  

  • Make sure to secure all buttons, zippers and snaps.

  • Make sure all matching hats, socks, etc. are securely attached to the same hanger with safety pins.

  • Place all clothing on size appropriate hangers; please use small child size hangers for baby clothing and other small sized items.  Plastic hangers are preferable and can be purchased at most stores; some children’s stores will give you their hangers for free.  When you pick-up your unsold items at the end of the sale, you will be able to take home hangers to use in the next sale.

  • Please check out our Safety & Recall page for information regarding drawstring clothing.

Toys & Equipment

  • Strollers & Joggers

  • Bike trailers

  • Pack-n-plays,

  • Baby swings,

  • Jumperoos, Exersaucers, Johnny Jumpups

  • Walkers

  • High-chairs, booster seatsb


  • Large indoor toys

    • hockey tables

    • train tables

    • indoor trampolines,

    • rocking horses,

    • easels

    • tool bench

    • play kitchens

    • doll houses.


  • Large outdoor toys

    • bikes/tricycles/scooters

    • Power Wheels

    • outdoor play equipment/jungle gyms

    • plastic picnic tables

    • slides


  • Bouncy/Vibrating seats

    • Bassinet

    • Toy box

  • Everything must be clean and in working order, working batteries are REQUIRED and assembled.  

    • Inexpensive batteries are available at the dollar store.  


  • Attach small parts the main part very securely with Ziploc bags.  


  • With large items and toys, be sure to place your consignor number and price on a recipe/index card and tape securely in case the small tag comes off; that way we’ll know it’s yours.


  • It is also recommended that you write your consignor number and info on the Ziploc bag with a Sharpee pen in case the tag comes off.


  • When tagging large toys it is best to also attach a piece of masking tape to the toy with your consignor information.  This will enable us to sell your toy even if the tag comes off.  


  • We do not accept stuffed animals unless they are battery operated and are licensed characters that move, talk, etc.


  • Toys that are not packaged appropriately will be turned away.


Tagging Tips

  • Place all garments on hangers with the hook facing to the left (so that it looks like a question mark)

  • If you are using a tagging gun, please attach tag to the label inside or the seam of the left sleeve.

  • We will not accept any clothing items that have the barb placed directly in the clothing, this will put a hole in the item

  • Toys and equipment should be securely tagged with packing tape across the top third of the tag

  • Do not place tape over the barcode


  • Secure shoes together with zip-ties/ cable ties (best method) or ribbon by looping the cable-tie/ribbon through the shoelace hole or a strap (that can't be adjusted) on each shoe and tie them together. 


  • Use Ziploc bags for small shoes with the tag taped or pinned to the outside.  You can group several pairs of baby shoes or booties together in a bag as they may sell better this way.


  • It is also helpful to write your consignor number on a piece of masking tape and affix it to the bottom of each shoe, in case the tag is separated during the sale.

Puzzles & Games

  • Games need to be complete and have the instructions


  • Puzzles should be wrapped securely in clear plastic wrap to keep the pieces intact. 


  • Large rubber bands work well on boxes to keep them together.

DVDs, CDs,

Video Games & Books

Video gaming systems 

  • Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Wii, etc.

Video Games

  • Video Games will be held behind the counter

  • All need to be in their original packaging.

Attach the tag to the outside of package with tape


  • board books, toddler, preschool, chapter books, parenting, pregnancy 

  • Book tags can be attached with blue painters tape so it will not ruin the item.  Please make sure you give a detailed description of the book title on the tag.

  • Smaller books can be grouped together in a large, clear plastic bag with a tag attached on the outside.

Infant &

Child  Accessories

  • Feeding:

    • Bottles, sippy cups, dishes & utensils, bibs, nursing pillows, breast pumps, burp cloths


  • Nursery Needs

    • Infant bath tubs, diaper pails & refills, potty chairs, towels & washcloths, wipe warmers, blankets, diapers, diaper bags, changing pads, slings & carriers, step stools


  • Safety

    • Baby monitors, safety gadgets for home, car & public, baby gates, head & body wedges/supports


  • NOT Accepted

    • No baby food or formula that is expired or not factory sealed

    • No adult-styled bedding or decor

    • No recalled or unsafe items

  • Toddler bed

  • Changing tables

  • Rocking/Glider chairs

  • Other children's furniture

  • Furniture must be assembled

    • Please bring it assembled or allow for extra time at drop off to assemble it yourself. The tag must be securely attached to the item with tape, zip ties or pins.

    • If there are multiple items being sold together with one price, please state how many items are in the set in the description of the tag.

    • Make only one tag and mark the other pieces of the set with index card indicating your consignor number and the item description.

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